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About the Prolinnova-Ghana platform

Development organisations and researchers working in rural communities have often failed to base intervention technologies and approaches on small-scale farmers’ innovative capacities and active participation in the context of local production systems and practices on which they have depended for decades for their livelihoods. External technologies have often failed because of their dependence on high external inputs and expertise. Prolinnova–Ghana was established in 2004 as part of the global Prolinnova network to strengthen development processes of agricultural research and development (ARD) stakeholders in promoting low-external-input and environmentally sound agricultural technologies and participatory development approaches with rural communities.

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Association of Church-based Development Projects (ACDEP)

Contact persons:

Malex Alebikiya, ACDEP Director -

Joseph Nchor, Prolinnova-Ghana coordinator -

(Ms) Margaret Kyiu, SULCI-FaNS Ghana coordinator -

Foster Baba Awuni, Ethnovet project coordinator -


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