Funding Opportunities


This page provides updated information on available funding opportunities that have a good match with Prolinnova's vision and approaches. The information presented here can be used by Prolinnova Country Platforms (CPs) and Subregional Platforms as well as by other organisations and networks engaged in promoting local innovation and farmer-led partcipatory research ad development in ecological agriculture and natural resource management. The information provided in the table of funding opportunities includes: type of funding opportunity, name of donor, platforms eligible, eligibility criteria, deadline, objectives, amount of funding and application process. Opportunities are categorised into those specific to individual CPs and those that can involve several CPs. The table also provides links to the donors concerned.

Contact Details

For further information, please contact:

Abdel-Karim Ali Mahamane; Prolinnova WCA SRC 

Jacob Barasa Wanyama Prolinnova ESA SRC

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