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Proli-FaNS activities in Ethiopia in early 2019

The report on the second quarter in the third and final year of the Proli-FaNS (Promoting local innovation in Food and Nutrition Security) project in Ethiopia covers farmer-led research and advocacy activities, among other things. It also explains some changes in institutional arrangements within the Prolinnova-Ethiopia network. The report can be found here.

Proli-FaNS activities in Ghana in early 2019

The report on activities of Prolinnova-Ghana in early 2019 (January–April) in the third year of the Proli-FaNS (Promoting local innovation in Food and Nutrition Security) project can be found here. It covers farmer-led research at the Bongo and Yendi action-learning site in northern Ghana, documentation and other activities such as farmer innovation fairs to share the results and processes of farmer-led joint experimentation, and advocacy for institutionalisation of the approach.

Catalogue of local innovations for food & nutrition security in Kenya

Various partner organisations in the Prolinnova–Kenya network have identified and profiled 37 innovations by small-scale Kenyan farmers - women, men and groups – to improve the food and nutrition security of their families and communities. The 48-page well-illustrated Catalogue of Local Innovations was compiled by Makonge Righa and Vincent Mariadho of World Neighbors Kenya, the host organisation of the Country Platform. The innovations were identified in the years 2016–2019 in Kisumu and Makueni Counties within the framework of the Proli-FaNS (Promoting local innovation in Food and Nutrition Security) project funded by Misereor/Catholic Central Agency for Development Aid.

Farmer innovation fairs in Ghana for food & nutrition security

The local NGOs that are facilitating Prolinnova–Ghana’s work with farmers at the two action-learning sites in Bongo and Yendi held farmer innovation fairs at each site. Local media reported on the event organised by the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Catholic Diocesan Development Organization (NABOCADO) in Bongo in two articles: “Innovation fair held for farmers in Bongo district” in Citi Newsroom (3 May 2019) and “Bongo-Soe farmers boost food security” in Ghanaian Times (4 May 2019). These activities form part of the Proli-FaNS (Promoting local innovation in Food and Nutrition Security) project funded by the German Government through Misereor/KZE (Catholic Central Agency for Development Aid).

Documentation of local innovation & PID in Cameroon

As part of the Proli-FaNS (Promoting local innovation for Food and Nutrition Security), Prolinnova–Cameroon has documented (in French) several cases of local innovation and farmer-led joint experimentation:

1.     Utilisation du kanwa pour réduire l’amertume du chocolat: description de l’innovation locale

Seeking external evaluator of Proli-FaNS project!

The Association of Church-based Development Projects (ACDEP), the Ghanaian NGO that is coordinating the implementation of the project “Promoting local innovation for Food and Nutrition Security” (Proli-FaNS), is seeking the services of a consultant to conduct an end-of-project evaluation. The terms of reference, deadline and procedure for submission of expression of interest are indicated here.

The expression of interest should be submitted to the Project Coordinator, Mr Joseph Nchor at or by 17.00 GMT on Friday, 18 January 2019.

Proli-FaNS quarterly report May-July 2018

The May–July 2018 progress report for Proli-FaNS gives an overview of activities and achievements of the Prolinnova Country Platforms in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya; of the subregional coordinators for West & Central Africa and for Eastern & Southern Africa; and of the International Support Team.

West & Central Africa coordinator’s contribution to Proli-FaNS Year 2

In the 2nd year of implementing the “Promoting local innovation for Food and Nutrition Security” (Proli-FaNS) project (August 2017 - July 2018), the Prolinnova Platform for West & Central Africa (WCA) played its part in seeking to achieve the overall objectives of the project. In this report in French and English, the Subregional Coordinator (SRC) for WCA recalls the SRC’s main tasks and responsibilities and describes his achievements in Year 2 in terms of policy dialogue and networking, documentation, M&E, South–South backstopping and fundraising; lessons learned; and challenges and perspectives for Year 3.

Women in northern Ghana improve locally made soap

The documentation team of ACDEP, the host NGO of Prolinnova-Ghana, has produced a video film on how a women’s group in Yendi in northern Ghana improved its artisanal soap by using local herbs and other materials to give the soap new colours and shapes. They did this to meet the changing demands of local customers and have thus gained higher incomes that allow the women to purchase foodstuffs. The women developed this innovation in a process of farmer-led joint experimentation, working together with rural advisory agents, as part of the Proli-FaNS (Promoting Local Innovation for Food & Nutrition Security) project supported by Misereor / Catholic Central Agency for Development Aid (KZE).

Link for the video:

Report of the Proli-FaNS partners meeting, May 2018

Methodist Resort and Conference Centre
Nairobi, Kenya
22 - 24 May 2018

PDF file; 545KB 


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