In 2005, the regional network Prolinnova–Andes (Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador) was created with the aims of promoting farmer innovation processes and exchanging experiences in participatory innovation development (PID). Since then, regional- and national-level activities to promote local innovation were carried out, i.e., two regional workshops (in 2005 and 2008), Field Day for Local Innovators in Bolivia (July 2008) and an International Seminar on Participatory Methodological Processes (Peru, May 2008), among others.

Prolinnova-Bolivia report for 2019

The new director of PRODII, José A. Arratia Ríos, reports on some activities to promote farmer-led innovation in Bolivia in 2019. PRODII is the host organisation of Prolinnova-Bolivia.

El nuevo director del PRODII, José A. Arratia Ríos, informa sobre algunas actividades para promover la innovación liderada por los agricultores en Bolivia en 2019. PRODII es la organización que alberga a Prolinnova-Bolivia.

See the report (in Spanish and English) here / Vea el informe (en español e inglés) aquí.

Prolinnova-Bolivia report for 2018

In 2018, Prolinnova–Bolivia partners were interested in the experiences of African Country Platforms in working with Local Innovation Support Funds/Facilities (LISFs). One of the partners, PRODII, arranged that documents on LISF be translated into Spanish, and the partners agreed to try out LISFs in Bolivia. World Neighbors drew up a proposal with a budget from the partner organisations, and implementation is now planned. See the 2-page 2018 report in Spanish and a one-page English translation, which also includes other initiatives of Prolinnova–Bolivia.

Prolinnova-Bolivia's update for 2016

The network in Bolivia has produced a brief report on its activities in 2016 - in both Spanish and English - drawing attention especially to two videos on the Farmer Innovation Fair in 2016:

Report on Prolinnova activities on Bolivia 2014-15

The Prolinnova group in Bolivia report (in Spanish) on their activities in 2014 and 2015, including a training workshop in Participatory Innovation Development (PID), a national farmer innovation fair. The group is coordinated by Maria Omonte of Vecinos Mundiales (World Neighbors).

Farmer Innovation Fair in Bolivia

The National Meeting of Farmer Innovators was held on 4 December 2015 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. A total of 45 innovations were selected. The fair was attended by 51 innovators, 38 stands from six departments: Santa Cruz, La Paz, OruroPotosi,Cochabamba and Chuquisaca.

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