farmer innovation fair


A farmer innovation fair (FIF) is an event that recognises and celebrates the creativity, ingenuity and innovativeness of smallholder men and women farmers. By bringing together regional or national farmer innovators in one place for several days, they have a rare opportunity to get to know each other, share their experiences and learn from each other in an open forum with room for social learning and development of their communicative skills. This helps to boost the farmer innovators’ self-esteem and confidence, publicly calling for recognition of them as important actors in agricultural research and development.

International Farmer Innovation Day (IFID) 2021 in Nepal

“Sharing about farmer innovation with students of secondary schools and universities was the highlight of the events to mark IFID 2021 in Nepal. One event was held at the Creative Academy, a secondary school in Kirtipur, Kathmandu, and the other was a Zoom event organised by a supporter of farmer innovation. Read the report ….”

Appropriate Technology magazine features Cameroonian Farmer Innovation Fair

The September 2021 issue of the Appropriate Technology magazine (Vol. 48, No. 3) brings a 2-page article "First innovation fair celebrates farmer ingenuity in Cameroon" written by Abdel-Karim Ali Mahamane, Prolinnova's Subregional Coordinator in West & Central Afrca, and Jean-Bosco Etoa, Prolinnova-Cameroon coordinator. The article highlights the awards given during the fair to young people - male and female - for their innovations in food processing.

International Farmer Innovation Day - 29 November each year!

  • Prolinnova–Burkina Faso is celebrating IFID at a workshop on soil quality with a group of farmers that work on improving degraded soils. The idea is to bring together different actors in the field of agriculture. It will be an interactive event in which local innovations will be identified, thus providing an opportunity to celebrate farmers’ innovativeness.
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