February 2022


How does Prolinnova want to promote innovation by small-scale farmers and farmer-led processes of participatory research and development? This is explained in Prolinnova’s strategy document for 2021–25 entitled “Enhancing capacity to innovate: key to sustainable development”.

The background section describes how the network developed over time and its main achievements and challenges. The concepts used in Prolinova are explained; the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the network outlined, and the core values and principles highlighted. The strategy identifies the outcomes sought and the foci and activities chosen to achieve them. It also describes the organisational structure, the roles of different entities within the network and how funding will be mobilised.

Summaries of the strategy are available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.


The IST supports Prolinnova partners through network coordination and mentoring as well as various activities to raise the profile of the network and to inform the world about approaches and outcomes in promoting local innovation and supporting participatory innovation development (PID). Its tasks include:

2021 report on Prolinnova activities in Kenya

The 2021 annual report from Prolinnova–Kenya highlights the major activities undertaken in the two action-learning sites in Kisumu (Kisumu West and Nyakach Sub-Counties) and Makueni (Mukaa Sub-County) primarily within the SULCI-FaNS project and various activities at national level. The report includes a detailed account of the visit to Kenya made by members of Prolinnova–Sudan together with a group from South Sudan interested in setting up a multistakeholder platform in their country. The 14-page report can be found here.