June 2021

Progress in the Ethnovet Project Oct 2020-Mar 2021

In this progress report, Foster Awuni, coordinator of the Misereor-supported Ethnovet project, describes activities and outputs achieved in the period from 1 October 2020 to 31 March 2021 and some challenges faced. He then outlines activities planned for April–June 2021. The activities implemented in the reporting period included: literature review on ethnobotanicals and phytochemical properties of plants used for the herbal preparations, conduct of clinical/on-farm trials, documentation of farmer practitioners’ knowledge in EVM, and setting up district networks in four districts. Read the full report (10pp) here.

FaReNe activities in Burkina in 2020 / Activités de FaReNe au Burkina en 2020

The CP in Burkina gives a 2-page English update of activities in 2020 in the project "Supporting and strengthening farmers’ research networks to improve local innovation in Burkina Faso and Mali, Phase II” (FaReNe II). The update focuses on farmer-led joint experimentation in Gomponsom (Northern Region).

Le CP au Burkina donne une mise à jour de 2 pages en anglais des activités en 2020 dans le projet "Soutenir et renforcer les réseaux de recherche des agriculteurs pour améliorer l'innovation locale au Burkina Faso et au Mali, Phase II" (FaReNe II). La mise à jour se concentre sur l'expérimentation conjointe menée par les agriculteurs à Gomponsom (Région Nord).

Rapport annuel 2020 / Annual report 2020

Au cours de l’année 2020, la Plateforme Pays (PP) du Burkina Faso a poursuivi la dynamique d’appui à l’innovation locale et le renforcement de la collaboration entre ses membres. La PP a continué la mise en œuvre des projets SULCI-FaNS (Accroître les capacités locales d'innovation pour la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle), FaReNe (Renforcement des Réseaux de Recherches dirigées par les agriculteurs) et Proli-GEAFaSa (Promotion de l’innovation locale dans la Gestion de l’Eau en Agriculture Familiale au Sahel).

Son rapport annuel 2020 de 5 pages peut être trouvé ici.

Appropriate Technology magazine features Prolinnova achievements

The June 2021 issue of the Appropriate Technology magazine (Vol. 48, No. 2) brings three articles about Prolinnova - one on social innovation for improved food and water security in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa; another on setting up a multistakeholder platform to promote farmer-led research and innovation in Benin; and a third one on the election of three new members in the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) - Ibrahima Seck from Senegal, TJ James from India and Violet Kirigua from Kenya.

Read the latest articles here:

SULCI-FaNS progress from Oct 2020 to Mar 2021

The report on progress in the Misereor-funded project “Scaling Up Local Capacity to Innovate for Food and Nutrition Security” (SULCI-FaNS) in the period from 1 October 2020 to 31 March 2021 summarises activities and outputs achieved by the four Country Platforms involved (in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana and Kenya), by the Subregional Coordinators in Africa and by other International Support Team members. It brings updates about farmer-led research on local innovations as well as about outreach and policy-influencing activities, including the virtual Global Farmer Innovation Fair held in February 2021. See the progress report here.