Prolinnova activities in the Andes 2018–19

In the Andes region, two Prolinnova Country Platforms are active – one in Bolivia, hosted by PRODII (Interdisciplinary Integrated Development Programme), and the other in Peru, hosted by World Neighbors. A one-page summary of their activities in 2018 until early 2019 can be found here.

Prolinnova-Peru report for 2018

For the first time since Prolinnova-Peru was welcomed into the Prolinnova community of practice as an independent Country Platform in early 2018, the coordinator Lionel Vigil gives a 2-page report on activities in 2018.

Prolinnova-Bolivia report for 2018

In 2018, Prolinnova–Bolivia partners were interested in the experiences of African Country Platforms in working with Local Innovation Support Funds/Facilities (LISFs). One of the partners, PRODII, arranged that documents on LISF be translated into Spanish, and the partners agreed to try out LISFs in Bolivia. World Neighbors drew up a proposal with a budget from the partner organisations, and implementation is now planned. See the 2-page 2018 report in Spanish and a one-page English translation, which also includes other initiatives of Prolinnova–Bolivia.