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This list is intended to provide links to related networks, bibliographic sources, databases, and other organisations that are in some way involved in the dynamics of indigenous knowledge, promoting local/farmer innovation and institutionalisation of participatory innovation development approaches. While acknowledging that there are many other possible contacts and links to be added, especially if we consider the broader themes of participatory research and development, we seek here to provide a fairly concise and accessible list of organisations that have direct linkages and affinity with our initiative.

Training materials

Participatory Innovation Development / Participatory Technology Development training materials

  • PID training manual - Agridea (available as six separate PDF files)

Part I (PDF file; size : 500 KB)

Part II (PDF file; size : 2 MB)

Part III (PDF file; size : 2 MB)

Part IV (PDF file; size : 978 KB)

Part V (PDF file; size : 1 MB)

Part VI (PDF file; size : 213 KB)

Files above also available at the Agridea website:

Further Materials

Selected PTD / PID Readings

Farmers' organizations and agricultural innovation: case studies from Benin, Rwanda and Tanzania

Edited by Bertus Wennink and Willem Heemskerk
KIT Bulletin 374. KIT Publishers: Amsterdam. 2006. 112 pp.

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