Resource Person Database


Discussion at the International Partners Workshop in Nepal (April 2009) highlighted the need for PROLINNOVA to carry out an exercise to map skills and resource persons around the thematic areas of relevance for the network. The idea was to develop a resource-person database with basic information on national, regional and international professionals/ field specialists from within and outside the PROLINNOVA network that could be mobilised for training, mentoring, proposal writing, South-to-South learning and other network activities.

What is it?

As for now, the resource-person database is a collation of twenty-five Excel spread-sheets. The first one includes the list of relevant competence areas (e.g. Local Innovation Support Fund) and a brief explanation of the underlying concepts in the context of PROLINNOVA. Each competence area has a dedicated spreadsheet (24 in total), easily identifiable through its acronym. The thematic spreadsheets provide the following information: country, name of resource person, organisation, description of competence, geographical focus and contact details.

Where to find it?

The resource-person database is hosted in the PROLINNOVA website. It is accessible to any viewer but information upload and changes are allowed only to authorised sources: PROLINNOVA Country Programme (CP) coordinators and IIRR webmaster.

Who is it for?

The direct users of the database are the PROLINNOVA CPs and the International Support Team (IST). The database will provide them with information on a pool of qualified professionals who have expressed interest and willingness to collaborate with PROLINNOVA.

Who is responsible for providing, collecting and updating information?

The name of the resource persons and the related information should be gathered by the CPs, IST, PROLINNOVA Oversight Group (POG) and the international secretariat. The persons who enter the data have the responsibility to verify the effective professional competence and the availability of the person before his/ her name is included in the database.
The collected information will be uploaded directly by the CP coordinators and IIRR webmaster. They will also be responsible for periodic updating of the information.

Filling in the database: required information
Country: please indicate the resource person’s country of residence;
Resource person: please indicate the full name of the resource person;
Organisation: please indicate the name of the organisation the resource person is currently working with;
Description of competence: please indicate in brief (max 50 words) the demonstrated experience of the resource person in the competence area, experience in facilitating learning in this area, link and involvement with the PROLINNOVA programme;
Geographical focus: please indicate the geographical scope of the resource person’s activities;
E-mail address: please indicate the e-mail address currently in use;
Telephone number: please indicate the resource person’s office phone number and/ or mobile phone number.

Download Database (MS Excel file; size: 212 KB)