International Partner's Workshop Resources

Each year, the Prolinnova partners gather for an International Partners Workshop (IPW). This is hosted each time by a different Country Platform or by the International Support Team. Resource materials in preparation for and presented during the IPW and the final IPW reports are posted here:


2016 Prolinnova International Partners Workshop Report (16-19 May 2016, Senegal) (PDF file; size: 2.9MB)

2014 Prolinnova International Partners Workshop Report (12-15 May 2014, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
 (PDF file; size: 701 KB)

PowerPoint Presentations at IPW 2014:



2013 Prolinnova International Partners Workshop Report (27-28 May 2013 in Kenya) (PDF file; size: 680 KB)


2012 Prolinnova International Partners Workshop Report (12-14 March 2012, Bamako, Mali) (PDF file; size: 570 KB)

PowerPoint Presentations at IPW 2012:


Prolinnova–Tanzania hosted IPW in March 2011

The annual International Partners Workshop (IPW) was hosted on 21–25 March 2011 by the Prolinnova–Tanzania National Steering Committee and the coordinating NGO PELUM–Tanzania ( About 30 people from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe took part. It was preceded by a “writeshop” on experiences made by eight of the Prolinnova Country Platforms (CPs), including the one in Tanzania, in piloting Local Innovation Supports Funds ( 

The first day of the IPW, held in Dar es Salaam, was open to other Tanzanian stakeholders in agricultural research and development. The Tanzanian Minister of Agriculture, the Honorable Professor Jumanne Maghembe gave the keynote address and formally opened the IPW. This day included an information market, presentation of the international and Tanzanian activities of Prolinnova, launching of a video on local innovation and participatory innovation development (PID), and launching of an associated project “Including Smallholders in Agricultural Research for Development” (INSARD;    

The following four days of the IPW were held in Morogoro and focused on key dimensions of Prolinnova work: mainstreaming gender in PID, strengthening multi‐stakeholder partnerships, integrating farmer organisations into Prolinnova, reviewing the network’s performance in 2010 and agreeing on future actions, including diversifying both in-country and external sources of funding. It was also an opportunity to interact with the civil-society organisations coordinating INSARD, which held its inaugural meeting at the same venue.    

The Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG;, which had met in Dar es Salaam just before the IPW, briefed the network on its decisions. These included the welcoming of a newly formed CP in Cameroon ( and the go-ahead for an initiative to start a Prolinnova multi-stakeholder platform in India (contact: Ms Sonali Bisht    

This IPW was the first one organised without funding support from the Netherlands Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGIS). The fact that the network was able to organise the IPW using diverse sources of funding, including own funds from participants and their organisations, is an important sign of Prolinnova’s growing maturity and independence.    

The proceedings of the 2011 IPW are now available under:


2011 Prolinnova International Partners Workshop Report (21-25 March 2011, Tanzania) (PDF file: 1.87 MB)

2010 Prolinnova International Partners Workshop Report (22-26 March 2010, Netherlands) (PDF file; size :2,602 KB) 

2009 Prolinnova International Partners Workshop Report (8-11 May 2009, Nepal) (PDF file; size :4,978 KB)

2008 Prolinnova International Partners Workshop Report (31 March - 1 April, Ghana) (PDF file; size :932 KB)


2007 Prolinnova International Partners Workshop Report (19-23 March, Senegal) (PDF file; size : 718 KB)

2006 Prolinnova International Partners Workshop Report (6-10 March. Cambodia) (PDF file; size : 405 KB)