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Discussion at the International Partners Workshop in Nepal (April 2009) highlighted the need for PROLINNOVA to carry out an exercise to map skills and resource persons around the thematic areas of relevance for the network. The idea was to develop a resource-person database with basic information on national, regional and international professionals/ field specialists from within and outside the PROLINNOVA network that could be mobilised for training, mentoring, proposal writing, South-to-South learning and other network activities.

What is it?

As for now, the resource-person database is a collation of twenty-five Excel spread-sheets. The first one includes the list of relevant competence areas (e.g. Local Innovation Support Fund) and a brief explanation of the underlying concepts in the context of PROLINNOVA. Each competence area has a dedicated spreadsheet (24 in total), easily identifiable through its acronym. The thematic spreadsheets provide the following information: country, name of resource person, organisation, description of competence, geographical focus and contact details.

Prolinnova’s work on film in English and French!!

On 21st March 2011, four films featuring the work of Prolinnova were launched at the International Partners Workshop in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. Three of the films are based on work in the country networks of Cambodia, Niger and South Africa, whilst the fourth is an overview of the global network. The films were made in partnership with TVEAP (Television for Education Asia Pacific), a Colombo-based independent, non-profit media foundation. The films capture key aspects of Prolinnova’s approach to farmer-led, participatory agricultural research and development based on the innovativeness of small farmers and other users of natural resources. For DVD copies of the films, please contact TVEAP on


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The documentation team of ACDEP, the host NGO of Prolinnova-Ghana, has produced a video film on how a women’s group in Yendi in northern Ghana improved its artisanal soap by using local herbs and other materials to give the soap new colours and shapes. They did this to meet the changing demands of local customers and have thus gained higher incomes that allow the women to purchase foodstuffs. The women developed this innovation in a process of farmer-led joint experimentation, working together with rural advisory agents, as part of the Proli-FaNS (Promoting Local Innovation for Food & Nutrition Security) project supported by Misereor / Catholic Central Agency for Development Aid (KZE).

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Women in transdisciplinary research: interacting with citizen's science and innovation
Ann Waters-Bayer, PROLINNOVA International Secretariat; c/o Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Netherlands

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