Publications and conference papers by Prolinnova partners 





Prolinnova featured in Palawija ForumCAPSA-UNESCAP

Prolinnova contributed a feature article on small-scale farmer innovation for sustainable agriculture to the December 2016 edition of Palawija Forum, published by the Centre for Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture (CAPSA) of UNESCAP. The article discusses the importance and advantages of participatory innovation development as an approach to combine local innovation with scientific knowledge as a means of developing site-appropriate and sustainable ways of improving small-scale agriculture and livelihoods. 

Please click here for the document file: pdf file; 1.5 MB

Small-scale farmer innovation: a dossier

Misereor (Germany), Prolinnova, McKnight Foundation and the German development magazine WeltSichten brought out a dossier in English, French and German on small-scale farmer innovation / innovation paysanne / baeuerliche Innovation. The 11 short and highly readable articles explore how agricultural research can be carried out so that it supports small-scale farmers effectively and enhances their capacity to innovate.

French version: Innovation paysanne; German version: Bäuerliche Innovation.

Small-scale farmer innovation: How agricultural research works together with farmers

Des feuilles mortes pour redonner vie à la terre: l’expérience de Tani Lankoandé
by Gabriela Quiroga, Ingrid Flink, Bourgou Tsuamba, Fatoumata Batta, Inoussa Maïga

Dans les pays du Sahel, le changement climatique est de nos jours l’une des principales contraintes auxquelles font face les agriculteurs et agricultrices. Mais ce phénomène est aussi pour ces derniers une source d’inspiration intarissable. Çà et , on recense des agriculteurs et agricultrices qui, pour s’adapter à un environnement de moins en moins propice à l’activité agricole, font appel à leur esprit créatif. Ils mettent en place des innovations à partir de leur observation, à partir de connaissances endogènes et en utilisant des matériaux locaux. Des innovations qui, progressivement, changent leur vie et créent un impact dans leur communauté. Cet article partage l’expérience de Tani Lankoandé.

There is an increasing recognition that smallholder farmers worldwide are innovators in their own right. They need and do adapt to change conditions in order to survive. Climate change is adding to the challenges they need to address. Discovering how and why farmers innovate is important for outsiders to appreciate and understand what local people are already trying to do to improve their situation. This article was inspired by a women farmer-led innovation adapting to climate change in Burkina Faso and its only available in French.

Views of farmer innovators on capacity to innovate presented at 12th European IFSA symposium

The 12th European IFSA (International Farming Systems Association) Symposium was hosted by the Harper Adams University in Newport, UK, from 12-15 July 2016, on the theme, “Social and technological transformation of farming systems: diverging and converging pathways”. Ann Waters-Bayer of Prolinnova was a co-organiser of one of the workshops on “Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for learning and innovation”. This workshop asked whether, for whom and how aspects of M&E help understand and foster learning and innovation. Chesha Wettasinha presented a paper co-authored by several Prolinnova IST members and supporters on Small-scale farmers’ perspectives on what enhances capacity to innovate”. The paper was based on the interviews done by Jean-Marie Diop at the West African Farmer Innovation Fair in May 2015 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. 





Best Practice Association (BPA) and the Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) have compiled descriptions of innovative practices developed by small-scale farmers in the book “Best practices of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia”. The stories give recognition to and celebrate the innovative capacity of Ethiopian farmers and are meant to inspire other farmers as well as professionals in agricultural research and development. This is the second book in the series “Stories of change at the grassroots”. For more information, contact the authors Hailu Araya ( and Yohannes Gebremichael (  



Guide pratique en expérimentation conjointe / Practical guide to joint experimentation - in French (PROFEIS Mali)

Modules méthodologiques et pédagogiques de Développement Participatif de l'Innovation / Methodological and pedagogical modules for Participatory Innovation Development - in French (PROFEIS Mali)



Some Examples of Best Practices by Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia
Developed by: Hailu Araya, Yohanes Gebremichael and Sue Edwards

Farmer-led research featured at Tropentag in Prague


Farmer Access to Innovation Resources: Findings and lessons learnt on facilitating Local Innovation Support Funds (PDF file : 1.8 MB)
Citation: Prolinnova. Farmer Access to Innovation Resources: findings & lessons learnt on facilitating Local Innovation Support Funds. Leusden: Prolinnova International Secretariat, ETC Foundation: June 2012

Presentations at the World Bank Agricultural Innovation Systems Workshop (30 May-1 June 2012):

Presentations from Prolinnova:

- Farmer-managed funds for local innovation (

- Climate-resilient agriculture and agricultural innovation systems (

Bernard Triomphe (CIRAD) presentation on JOLISAA (Joint Learning in Innovation Systems in African Agriiculture) and other initiatives on innovation systems (

Paper on Prolinnova LISF piloting in the AIS sourcebook launched at the workshop:

Providing farmers with direct access to innovation funds by Bernard Triomphe, Mariana Wongtschowski, Anton Krone, Ann Waters-Bayer, David Lugg & Laurens van Veldhuizen, in: World Bank, Agricultural Innovation Systems - an investment sourcebook, Washington DC

Introducing PID into government extension systems: Prolinnova brief by Fanos Mekonnen Berke

Farmer-Led Documentation: Learning from Prolinnova experiences (please see below) edited by Laurens van VeldhuizenAnn Waters-Bayer, Chesha Wettasinha & Wim Hiemstra

Front Matters (PDF File: size: 490 KB) 
Chapter 1 (PDF File: size: 498 KB) 
Chapter 2 (PDF File: size: 899 KB)  
Chapter 3 (PDF File: size: 453 KB) 
Chapter 4 (PDF File: size: 1296 KB)  
Chapter 5 (PDF File: size: 1416 KB)  
Chapter 6 (PDF File: size: 1029 KB) 
Chapter 7 (PDF File: size: 821 KB)  
Chapter 8 (PDF File: size: 627 KB)  
Back Matters (PDF File: size: 458 KB)

Strengthening local adaptive capacity: the key to sustainability in the face of climate change by Chesha Wettasinha & Ann Waters-Bayer in GFAR's Voices of Change


Assessing the impact of grassroots innovation in agriculture (PDF file; size : 583 KB)by Brigid Letty, Zanele Shezi & Maxwell Mudhara, Prolinnova-SA; presented at GLOBELICS International Conference, 15-17 Nov 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina (GLOBELICS:  Global Network for Economics of Learning, Innovation & Competence Building Systems)

Institutionalising PID in Tigray (PDF file; size : 4580 KB) by Fanos Mekonnen Birke

More than climate change: pressures leading to innovation by pastoralists in Ethiopia and Niger  (PDF file; size : 329 KB), (MS Word file: size : 95 KB) by Yohannes GebreMichael

Prolinnova contribution to 2011 State of the World  "Farmers take the lead in research and development" (PDF File: size: 336.57 KB) by Brigid LettyQureish Noordin, Saidu Magagi and Ann Waters-Bayer



Farmer-led joint research (PDF file; size : 3,649 KB),  compiled and edited by Chesha Wettasinha and Ann Waters-Bayer

MSc Study published on experiences in South Africa in changing policies towards acceptance of PID (PDF file; size : 3,095 KB), August 2010 MSc thesis International Development Studies, Femke van der Lee; 1st supervisor: Prof. L. Visser; 2nd supervisor: L. van Veldhuizen

Recognising local innovation in livestock-keeping - a path to empowering women  (PDF file; size : 1,694 KB), by Brigid Letty & Ann Waters-Bayer. Rural Development News 1/2010: 27-31. AGRIDEA, Lindau, Switzerland

Emerging responses to climate change in pastoral systems (MS Word file: size : 113 KB), by Yohannes GebreMichael, Wolfgang Bayer & Ann Waters-Bayer. Keynote address at international conference on "Pastoralism and climate change adaptation in Africa", Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya, 24-28 May 2010

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Ecological agriculture in Uganda and the contribution of farmer innovation (PDF file; size : 1,140 KB), by Helen Kranstauber, VU University Amsterdam, 2009 

Notes on Local Innovation and Participatory Innovation Development (PDF File; size : 136 K B). These notes attempt to shed light on key concepts used within the Prolinnova network. 

Process documentation of experiences in facilitating FLD in Tigray, Ethiopia  (PDF file; size : 709 KB),  by Fetien Abay & Gebrecherkos Gebregiorgis

Women documenting their innovations: outcomes of a farmer-led documentation process in Tigray, Ethiopia  (PDF file; size : 630 KB). This appears as a printed booklet in English and Tigrigna for use in development organisations and schools in Tigray

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Recognising local innovation: experiences of Prolinnova partners. A publication in the series on Promoting Local Innovation. Wettasinha, Chesha; Wongtschowski, Mariana & Waters-Bayer, Ann (eds). Silang, Cavite, Philippines: IIRR / Leusden: Prolinnova International Secretariat, ETC EcoCulture. Revised version, August 2008. ISBN 1-930261-16-0. 

From degradation to innovation: the effect of support and funding in promoting local innovation in Kikandwa Environmental Association, Uganda (PDF File; size : 2.54 MB) by Kim Hagen. MSc thesis, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculteit der Aard‐ en Levenswetenschappen, Environment and Resource Management. July 2008 

Innovation Africa: enriching farmers’ livelihoods  (PDF File; size : 107 KB)  by Pascal Sanginga, Ann Waters-Bayer, Susan Kaaria, Jemimah Njuki and Chesha Wettasinha. Earthscan, London, October 2008. Paperback • £29.95 • 384 pages • 978-1-84407-672-7.  View book flyer.  
View complete list of chapters - Earthscan website 

FAIR – Farmer Access to Innovation Resources (PDF file: size : 1.51 MB) by Laurens van Veldhuizen, Anton Krone, Mariana Wongtschowski & Ann Waters-Bayer. Rural Development News 2/2008 published by Agridea, Lindau, Switzerland: pp47-52 (this is a summary of the report on the first 2-year phase of piloting Local Innovation Support Funds in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nepal, South Africa and Uganda) 

Participatory innovation development in water management in Tigray, Ethiopia (PDF file: size :1.87 MB) by Hailu Araya, Kiflay Tebari, Leul HaileSelassie & Guesh WoldeSelassie. Rural Development News 2/2008 published by Agridea, Lindau, Switzerland: pp53-57 (this is about Abadi Redehay, a local innovator in water management, who is working together with other farmers and development agents of the Tahtai Maichew District Agriculture and Rural Development Office in northern Ethiopia to see how his innovation can be adapted to fields). 

Article "Farmers' seed management and innovation in varietal selection: implication for barley breeding in Tigray, northern Ethiopia"   (PDF file: size : 4.11 MB)  by Fetien Abay, Ann Waters-Bayer and Åsmund Bjørnstad, published in the June 2008 issue of Ambio: A Journal of the Human Environment 37 (4): 312-320 (copyright Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 2008 (; printed by Allen Press, Lawrence, Kansas, USA

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The story of a smart water harvester in Tigray Region, Ethiopia. In: B van Waes & D Bouman (eds) Small water harvesting solutions: examples of innovative, low-cost technologies for rain, fog, runoff water and groundwater (Netherlands Water Partners / Aqua for All), pp 36–39 (PDF file: size : 919 KB) 

Supporting Local Innovation in Nepal - September 2007 Sharad Rai (PDF file: size : 396 KB)

Participatory research that builds on local innovation in beekeeping to escape poverty (PDF file: size : 92 KB). By Hailu Araya, Yohannes GebreMichael, Abera GebreAmlak and Ann Waters-Bayer. This contribution was presented and discussed at the Tropentag 2006, University of Bonn, 11–13 October 2006, Conference on International Agricultural Research for Development.

Trees are our backbone: integrating environment and local development in Tigray Region of Ethiopia (In English: PDF file: size : 930 KB). Issue Paper # 145, IIED.Yohannes GebreMichael and Ann Waters-Bayer. July 2007. ISBN 978-1-84369-661-2; ISSN 1357 9312. IIED Dryland Issue Papers: French Version (PDF file: size : 842 KB)

Prolinnova at work: highlights in 2004-2006. (PDF file: size : 208 KB)  Brochure printed by IIRR, May 2007.

Natural mineral licks to enhance livestock growth.  (PDF file: size :175 KB) Article in March 2007 issue of Appropriate Technology (pp. 46-48). N. Karbo, CSIR-Animal Research Institute, Nyankpala Station, Tamale, Ghana. Reproduced with permission of Research Information Ltd from Appropriate Technology Vol. 34, No. 1 (2007); see 

Facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships: lessons from Prolinnova. A publication in the series on Promoting Local Innovation. Critchley, Will; Verburg, Miranda & Veldhuizen, Laurens van (eds). Silang, Cavite, Philippines: IIRR / Leusden: Prolinnova International Secretariat, ETC EcoCulture. December 2006. ISBN 1-930261-15-2.

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Endogenous and modern innovations: differing perspectives. Hailu Araya & Yohannes GebreMichael. 2006. IK Notes 96. Washington DC: World Bank. 4pp. (PDF file: size :92 KB)

Research and development towards sustainable agriculture by resource-poor farmers in sub-Saharan Africa: some strategic and organisational considerations in linking farmer practical needs with policies and scientific theories by Willem Stoop and Tim Hart. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 3 (3). Note: The authors of the article and the publishers of the journal have graciously permitted Prolinnova to make the PDF version of the article available here (PDF file: size :99 KB).

Partnering for farmer-led research and extension, (MS Word file: size : 218 KB) by Monique Salomon and Brigid Letty. Presented at the South African Society for Agricultural Extension Congress in May 2006.

The people and their cattle communal grazing in the Northern Drakensberg  (MS Word file: size : 238 KB)  , by Monique Salomon. Presented at the South African Society for Agricultural Extension Congress in May 2006.

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Bridging the gap (PDF file; size : 83 KB) Reprinted from Appropriate Technology, Vol. 32 No. 4 (December 2005).

Addressing rural poverty in Africa through agricultural research and development: alternative and complementary approaches, by Laurens van Veldhuizen, Ann Waters-Bayer & Mariana Wongtschowski. Invited paper for American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting, 21–22 Feb 2005, Washington DC . 12pp.

Across the divide: linkages in the absence of extension services (MS Word file: size : 52 KB), by Tim Hart and Roberta Burgess. Paper accepted for presentation and awarded the prize for best scientific paper at the 39th Conference of the South African Society for Agricultural Extension, 10–12 May 2005, Holiday Inn Garden Court , Bloemfontein , Free State Province, South Africa (see related story). 7pp.

Catalogue of farmer innovations – Prolinnova– South Africa inception phase 2004 , edited by Hannes de Villiers, Laurel Oettle & Monique Salomon. Pietermaritzberg: Midnet. 18pp (launched at the opening of the Prolinnova -SA workshop, 15–16 February 2005, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal , South Africa.

Farmer-centered innovation development: experiences and challenges from South Asia. (PDF file; size : 2.78 MB) Proceedings and papers of a regional workshop held at Bogra, Bangladesh, November 22–25, 2004. Edited by Annette Kolff, Laurens van Veldhuizen & Chesha Wettasinha. Documentalists: AFM Akhtaruzzaman & Md Nayeemul Karim. Berne : Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) / Intercooperation. 156pp.

IK Notes (World Bank Knowledge and Learning Centre, Washington DC , 2005):

76. Promoting local innovation: enhancing IK dynamics and links with scientific knowledge, (PDF file; 
size : 61 KB)
by Ann Waters-Bayer & Laurens van Veldhuizen. 4pp.  

77. Burkina Faso : indigenous innovation in farmer-to-farmer extension, (PDF file; size : 45 KB)  by Aly
Ouedraogo & Hamado Sawadogo. 4pp.

78. South Africa : a smallholder farmer's innovative approach to producing and exporting fruit, (PDF file; size : 46 KB)  by Tim Hart, Aubrey Billet and Roberta Burgess. 4pp (reprinted in Rural Development News 2/2005: 45-48, Swiss Centre for Agricultural Extension and Rural Development).

79. Local innovations using traditional vegetables to improve soil quality,  by Tim Hart 

85. Innovation Support Funds for farmer-led research and development, (PDF file; size : 33 KB) by Ann Waters-Bayer, Laurens van Veldhuizen, Mariana Wontschowski and Scott Killough. 4pp.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships to integrate participatory approaches into institutions of agricultural research and development, (MS Word file: size : 91 KB) by Ann Waters-Bayer, Laurens van Veldhuizen, Mariana Wongtschowski and Chesha Wettasinha. Keynote paper, Deutscher Tropentag, 11–13 October 2005, Stuttgart ( 10pp.

Partnership in action: Prolinnova. In: Global Forum on Agricultural Research Annual Report 2004 (Rome : GFAR), pp 20–25.

PTD/PID Circular: periodic update on Participatory Technology / Innovation Development, Issue 14: with annotated list of journals, magazines and series of papers in which PTD/PID experiences are and can be published. Edited by Chesha Wettasinha & Ann Waters-Bayer.

Social dimensions in agricultural research and development: how civil society fosters partnerships to promote local innovation by rural communities, (MS Word file: size : 107 KB)  by Ann Waters-Bayer and Wolfgang Bayer. Keynote paper, European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development (EFARD), 27–29 April 2005, Zurich. 8pp.

Sourcebook on Participatory Research and Development for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management. CIP-UPWARD, Los Banos: View / Download Individual Articles (CIP-UPWARD website) or the e-Book (IDRC website)

  • Developing partnerships to promote local innovation , by Ann Waters-Bayer, Laurens van Veldhuizen, Chesha Wettasinha & Mariana Wongtschowski
  • Farmer innovation as entry point to participatory research and extension , by Chris Reij & Ann Waters-Bayer
  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation with pastoralists , by Ann Waters-Bayer, Wolfgang Bayer & Annette von Lossau
  • Participatory approaches to agricultural research and extension , by Scott Killough.
  • Participatory Technology Development where there is no researcher , by Laurens van Veldhuizen, Ann Waters-Bayer & Chesha Wettasinha

Unlocking Farmers' Potential: Institutionalising Farmer Participatory Research and Extension in Southern Ethiopia (PDF file; size : 458 KB)  by Ejigu Jonfa and Ann Waters-Bayer. The second publication in FARM-Africa's Project Experiences Series. It draws from work carried out by FARM-Africa and partners to incorporate Farmer Participatory Research into the activities of government organisations involved in developing and disseminating agricultural technologies.

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Developing partnerships to promote local innovation , by Ann Waters-Bayer, Laurens van Veldhuizen, Chesha Wettasinha & Mariana Wongtschowski. Journal for Agricultural Education and Extension Vol. 10 (3): 143-150.

Developing Technology with Farmers: A Trainer's Guide for Participatory Learning , by Laurens van Veldhuizen, Ann Waters-Bayer & Henk de Zeeuw, 1 st published by ZED Books, London , 1997; reprinted by IIRR, Silang , Philippines , 2004.

IK Notes (World Bank Knowledge and Learning Centre, Washington DC , 2004) edited by Chesha Wettasinha & Ann Waters-Bayer:

70. “My name is Mawcha Gebremedhin" : a woman innovator speaks, (PDF file; size : 106 KB) recorded by Mengistu Hailu

71. Participatory video: rural people document their knowledge and innovations, (PDF file; size : 129 KB) by Chris Lunch

72. Regional radio in Tunisia : linking indigenous innovation and formal research and development, (PDF file; size : 100 KB) by Noureddine Nasr

74. Building multi-stakeholder partnerships to promote farmer experimentation and innovation in Ghana, (PDF file; size : 86 KB) by Joy Bruce, N Karbo & Malex Alebekiya

The interface between indigenous and modern knowledge systems , by Tesfaye Beshah. In: ESAP (ed), Proceedings of 12 th Annual Conference of the Ethiopian Society of Animal Production, 12–14 August 2004, Addis Ababa (in press).

Local innovation and participatory innovation development: the concepts and their application in livestock-related research and development , by Ann Waters-Bayer, in: ESAP (ed), Proceedings of 12th Annual Conference of the Ethiopian Society of Animal Production, 12–14 August 2004, Addis Ababa pp 1-9.

New initiatives in smallholder natural resource management: Prolinnova , by Ann Waters-Bayer, in PLEC News and Views , New Series 4 (March 2004): 19.

Participatory Innovation Development Training of Stakeholders, 14–16 Sept 2004 : training manual compiled by Vusumuzi Sithole & Hannes de Villiers. Pietermaritzburg: Midnet.

Proceedings of the First International Prolinnova Workshop, 8–12 March 2004, Yirgalem, Ethiopia, produced by PROFIEET (Promoting Farmer Innovation and Experimentation in Ethiopia) and Prolinnova International Support Team. Addis Ababa : AgriService Ethiopia / Silang, Cavite : IIRR (also available as CD-ROM). 210 pp.

Promoting local innovation in ecologically-oriented agriculture and NRM: progress made since 2003 , by Fred Kafeero. Paper presented to the GFAR Steering Committee meeting, October 2004.

Promotion of farmer innovation and experimentation in Ethiopia: an emerging platform to link farmer innovation with research and development , by Amanuel Assefa. In: ESAP (ed), Proceedings of 12 th Annual Conference of the Ethiopian Society of Animal Production, 12–14 August 2004, Addis Ababa (in press).

Promoting local innovation, from dispersed local programme to international programme , by Laurens van Veldhuizen. Paper presented at the Environmental Week , October 2004

Promotion of Farmer Innovation and Experimentation in Ethiopia (PROFIEET) National Workshop Proceedings, 25–27 August 2003, Ethiopian Management Institute, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia, edited by Amanuel Assefa, Teshome Dahessa, Yohannes GebreMichael & Ann Waters-Bayer. Addis Ababa : AgriService Ethiopia .

PTD/PID Circular: periodic update on Participatory Technology/Innovation Development, Issue 13, with “Top 20” publications on local innovation and participatory innovation development, edited by Chesha Wettasinha

Towards the institutionalisation of participatory approaches: the role of partnerships , by Ann Waters-Bayer, Laurens van Veldhuizen, Chesha Wettasinha & Mariana Wongtschowski. IRSA (International Rural Sociology Association) XI World Congress on Rural Sociology, Trondheim , Norway , 25–30 July 2004. 12pp.

Brief articles about Prolinnova in newsletters:

  • Prolinnova , in IK Worldwide: Linking Global and Indigenous Knowledge , March 2004, pp 7–8
  • Prolinnova , in IK News Asia : Linking Regional and Indigenous Knowledge , April 2004, pp 6–7
  • An expanding network: Promoting Local Innovation, Prolinnova , in GFAR (Global Forum on Agricultural Research) Newsletter, December 2004, pp 6–7
  • Les Global Partnership Programmes du GFAR: La promotion d'innovation en milieu rural (Prolinnova), in La Lettre d'Agropolis , avril-mai 2004, p 4

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Advancing PTD: case studies on integration into agricultural research, ext ension and education, edited by Chesha Wettasinha , Laurens van Veldhuizen & Ann Waters-Bayer. Silang, Cavite : IIRR / CTA. 257pp

Keeping track, changing track: participatory monitoring and evaluation with pastoralists , by Ann Waters-Bayer, Wolfgang Bayer & Annette von Lossau. Poster paper, VII International Rangeland Congress, Durban , South Africa , 28 July– 1 August 2003 . 3pp

Participatory approaches to innovation in the rangelands , by Ann Waters-Bayer, Wolfgang Bayer & Will Critchley. Invited paper, VII International Rangeland Congress, Durban, South Africa, 28 July–1 August 2003. 11pp.

Pastoral innovations and participatory development , by Wolfgang Bayer & Ann Waters-Bayer. Poster paper, Deutscher Tropentag 2003 “Technological and Institutional Innovations for Sustainable Rural Development”, 8–10 October 2003, Goettingen , Germany .

Promotion of Farmer Innovation and Experimentation in Ethiopia (PROFIEET) , by Amanuel Assefa. Paper presented to the GFAR Steering Committee meeting, October 2003, Nairobi , Kenya .

Die Rolle kleiner NRO in der Förderung partizipativer Forschung und Entwicklung in der ökologischen Ressourcennutzung: das Beispiel von Prolinnova, by Ann Waters-Bayer. In: Waters-Bayer A & Pich S (eds), Möglichkeiten und Grenzen kleiner Nichtregierungsorganisationen (NRO) bei der Förderung ökologischer Landnutzung: Arbeitsdokument des AGRECOL e.V. Wochenendtreffens vom 19.–21. September 2003 in Bad Gandersheim-Ackenhausen, pp 11–14.

Rural knowledge systems and innovation processes , by Ann Waters-Bayer (rapporteur). In: GFAR (ed.), Linking research and rural innovation to sustainable development: proceedings of the GFAR 2003 conference, 22–24 May 2003, Dakar , Senegal ( Rome : GFAR), pp 125–130.

Little bugs, big problems , by Tim Hart, Roberta Burgess & Hans Hugo. LEISA Magazine 19 (4): 6–8 .

The soil makers: analysis of local socio-technical innovations and transformation of Irobland farmers, northeast Ethiopia , by Mengistu Hailu. Thesis for MSc programme Management of Agricultural Knowledge Systems (MAKS), Wageningen University.106pp. 

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Daldal : dams to trap silt and water – an Irob innovation in northern Ethiopia , by Ann Waters-Bayer & Mengistu Hailu. In: Boven K & Morohashi J (eds), Best practices using indigenous knowledge ( The Hague : Nuffic / Paris : UNESCO / MOST), pp 93–103.

Developing technology in organic agriculture - keynote address , by Chesha Wettasinha . In: Johannes Kotschi, Wolfgang Bayer, Thomas Becker & Berthold Schrimpf (eds), AlterOrganic: local agenda for organic agriculture in rural development: proceedings of an international workshop at Bonn-Königswinter, Germany, 21-24 October 2002 (Marburg: Agrecol e.V.), pp 35-41.

Institutionalising Farmer Participatory Research: lessons from a comparative study, by Lauresn van Veldhuizen, Ann Waters-Bayer, Scott Killough, Marise Espineli & Julian Gonsalves. In: Leeuwis C & Pyburn R (eds), Wheelbarrows full of frogs: social learning in rural resource management ( Wageningen University and Research Centre), pp 375–387.

Participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) with pastoralists: a review of experiences and annotated bibliography, by Wolfgang Bayer & Ann Waters-Bayer. Eschborn: GTZ / ETC. 90pp.

Participatory Technology Development: challenges for institutional integration , edited by Sophie Lizares-Bodegon, Julian Gonsalves, Scott Killough, Ann Waters-Bayer, Laurens van Veldhuizen & Marise Espineli. Silang, Cavite : IIRR. 110pp.

Promotion of Farmer Innovation and Experimentation in Ethiopia (PROFIEET): Proceedings of awareness creation seminar for policy makers organized by AgriService Ethiopia and Mekelle University, 11–12 January 2002, Global Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Edited by Fiker Assefa, Ann Waters-Bayer & Amanuel Assefa. Addis Ababa : AgriService Ethiopia . 98pp.

Rural transformation and agricultural innovation processes , by Ann Waters-Bayer. Invited paper for European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development, 15–17 May 2002, Rome . 10pp.

Towards participation in technology development and technology transfer programmes: a case from smallholder researchers in the deciduous fruit sector in South Africa , by Tim Hart. In: Proceedings of the 36th Conference of the South African Society for Agricultural Extension and the 18 th Conference of the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education, 26–30 May 2002, Elangeni Holiday Inn, Durban, South Africa .

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Learning for sustainability: incorporating participatory approaches into education for rural development in Ethiopia and Tanzania.  (PDF file ; size: 69 KB).  This text appeared as Chapter 31 (pp 331-346) in the book Farmer Innovation in Africa: A Source of Inspiration for Agricultural Development, edited by Chris Reij and Ann Waters-Bayer, published by Earthscan, London, 2001. Posted on the Prolinnova website with the kind permission of Earthscan (

Farmer innovation in Africa: a source of inspiration for agricultural development , edited by Chris Reij & Ann Waters-Bayer. London : Earthscan. 362pp.

Clapping with two hands: bringing together local and outside knowledge for innovation in land husbandry in Tanzania and Ethiopia – a comparative case study, by OT Kibwana, Mitiku Haile, Laurens van Veldhuizen & Ann Waters-Bayer. Journal of Agricultural Education & Extension 7 (3): 133–142.

Institutionalising Farmer Participatory Research: lessons from a comparative study , by Laurens van Veldhuizen, Ann Waters-Bayer, Scott Killough, Marise Espineli & Julian Gonsalves. Deutscher Tropentag: Conference on International Agricultural Research for Development, 9–11 Oct. 2001, Bonn , Germany . 8pp.

The process of change in international agricultural research for development and the role of NGOs, by Ann Waters-Bayer. In: Gura S (ed), Food without farmers? Agricultural research needs a profoundly changed CGIAR ( Bonn : Forum Environment and Development), pp 45–58.

Promoting local innovation in ecological agriculture and NRM: from dispersed local initiatives to a global programme , by Ann Waters-Bayer. Technical Workshop pn Methodologies, Organization and Management of Global Partnership Programmes, 9–10 October 2001, IFAD, Rome. 8pp.

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Grassroots innovation, edited by Nourredine Nasr, Ann Waters-Bayer, Marilyn Minderhoud-Jones, Ingrid Huibers-Govaert & Coen Reijntjes. ILEIA Newsletter 16 (2). 40pp. (French version: Promouvoir l'innovation paysanne , 36pp; Spanish version: Innovación desde las bases , 36pp).

Managing knowledge for local innovation , by Ann Waters-Bayer. Ground Up 1 (2): 24.

New partnerships in knowledge management for local innovation , by Ann Waters-Bayer. In: Proceedings of the GFAR-2000 Conference “Strengthening Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development in the Context of Globalization”, 21–23 May 2000, Dresden , Germany . Rome : Global Forum on Agricultural Research (CD-ROM).

Unleashing the creativity of farmers , by Ann Waters-Bayer, Coen Reijntjes & Nourredine Nasr. Landmark 37: 10–11 (Lâcher la créativité des paysans. Agri-Repère 37: 6–7).

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