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PROmoting Local INNOVAtion in ecological agriculture and NRM  

VISION:    A world where women and men farmers play decisive roles in agroecology and natural resource management (NRM) innovation processes for sustainable livelihoods

Prolinnova–Kenya gives PID training to stakeholders in NaviNut project

Participants in the NaviNut LI/PID training in Marsabit (Photo: Diba Tari)


New member of Prolinnova International Support Team

Fanos Mekonnen Birke has joined the Prolinnova International Support Team. At its May 2021 meeting, the Board of Agrecol Association – the Northern Focal Point of the Prolinnova network – decided that Fanos would be the contact person between Agrecol and Prolinnova. 

She has many years’ experience with Prolinnova, as she facilitated analysis of efforts to integrate the PID approach into agricultural advisory services in Cambodia and Tigray (Northern Ethiopia) and was part of the Prolinnova–Ethiopia network. She holds an MSc in Management of Agroecological Knowledge and Social Change from the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands and recently completed her doctorate in the Department of Communication and Advisory Services in Rural Areas at the University of Hohenheim in southern Germany. Her doctoral research was on “Public agriculture extension and information communication technologies: a case study in South Wollo, Ethiopia”.

New Prolinnova multistakeholder platform in Benin! / Nouvelle plateforme multi-acteurs au Bénin !

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 The latest multistakeholder platform to join the Prolinnova international network is in Benin.

Histoire de la création de Prolinnova-Bénin / History of creation of Prolinnova-Benin

Ce document de 3 pages rédigé par Georges Djohy raconte comment Prolinnova-Bénin a réussi à se constituer et à être reconnu comme Plateforme Pays au sein de la Communauté de Pratique Prolinnova. / This 3-page document by Georges Djohy tells the story of how Prolinnova-Benin managed to form itself and be recognised as a Country Platform within the Prolinnova Community of Practice. (Français / English).

New POG Co-Chair: Suman Manandhar

Suman Manandhar (Nepal), an independent member of the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG), agreed during the July 2021 POG meeting to co-chair the POG alongside Lisa Williams van Dijk (UK). The previous co-chair was Chris Macoloo (Kenya), who was a very important pillar in the governance of Prolinnova during the process of regionalising the network. Suman can draw on many years of experience with Prolinnova in helping to guide the network. Read more about the POG co-chairs Lisa (here) and Suman (here) and about the entire POG (here).

First Farmer Innovation Fair in Cameroon

Cameroon Farmer Innovation Fair prize winners (Photo: Jeanne Sikangwa)

Appropriate Technology magazine features Prolinnova achievements

The June 2021 issue of the Appropriate Technology magazine (Vol. 48, No. 2) brings three articles about Prolinnova - one on social innovation for improved food and water security in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa; another on setting up a multistakeholder platform to promote farmer-led research and innovation in Benin; and a third one on the election of three new members in the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) - Ibrahima Seck from Senegal, TJ James from India and Violet Kirigua from Kenya.

Read the latest articles here:

SULCI-FaNS progress from Oct 2020 to Mar 2021

The report on progress in the Misereor-funded project “Scaling Up Local Capacity to Innovate for Food and Nutrition Security” (SULCI-FaNS) in the period from 1 October 2020 to 31 March 2021 summarises activities and outputs achieved by the four Country Platforms involved (in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana and Kenya), by the Subregional Coordinators in Africa and by other International Support Team members. It brings updates about farmer-led research on local innovations as well as about outreach and policy-influencing activities, including the virtual Global Farmer Innovation Fair held in February 2021. See the progress report here.

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