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  • Symposium on Innovation, Sustainability & Development, Sept 2009, Brighton, UK

    In September 2009, Monique Salomon from the Centre for Environment, Agriculture and Development at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a member of Prolinnova–South Africa represented the international Prolinnova network at the Symposium on Innovation, Sustainability, Development held at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK.

  • Prolinnova-Kenya hosted PID-ToF Refresher Course on 17-22 August 2009

    As part of the ETC’s PSO-supported Learn Work Trajectory, a PID-ToF refresher course was organized on 17-22 August 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya. It was hosted by Prolinnova-Kenya with World Neighbours (WN), Kenya Network for Dissemination of Agricultural Technologies (KENDAT) and Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) as members of the Workshop Steering Committee.

  • Nepal hosted Prolinnova International Partners Workshop on 8–11 May

    The annual Prolinnova International Partners Workshop (IPW) took place on 8–11 May 2009 in Pokhara, Nepal, at the foot of the beautiful Annapurna range of the Himalaya Mountains. This year’s IPW was shorter than normal, because it came immediately after the Nepalese Farmer Innovation Fair (2–4 May) and the Innovation Asia-Pacific Symposium (4–7 May), which demanded much time of Prolinnova partners involved as co-organisers and participants.

  • 8th Prolinnova Oversight Group meeting held in Nepal on 7–8 May

    The Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) met in Nepal on 7–8 May 2009 for its 8 th face-to-face meeting since its establishment in February 2005. The current POG Chair, Scott Killough from World Neighbors welcomed the new members elected in early 2009: Magagi Saidou from Niger (for francophone Africa), Hector Velasquez from Bolivia (for Latin America), Sabina Di Prima from the Centre for International Cooperation at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands (for the Prolinnova International Support Team) and Susan Kaaria from Ford Foundation Nairobi Office as an independent member.

  • Innovation Asia-Pacific Symposium successfully concluded!!!

    The Innovation Asia-Pacific Symposium (IAPS) was held 4-7 May 2009 in Nepal. The symposium was jointly organised by CIAT (International Centre for Tropical Agriculture)–Asia, ICIMOD (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development) and Prolinnova (PROmoting Local INNOVAtion in ecologically oriented agriculture and natural resource management) in collaboration with the Prolinnova-Nepal partners LI-BIRD (Local Initiatives for Biodiversity Research and Development) and Practical Action Nepal. 

  • Nepalese Farmer Innovation Fair draws national and international visitors

    A Nepalese Farmer Innovation Fair was organised on 2-4 May 2009 by Prolinnova Nepal, with LI-BIRD (Local Initiatives for Biodiversity Research and Development) taking the lead, supported by partners in the National Working Group - Ecoscenter (Chitwan), Practical Action Nepal (Kathmandu), Institute for Agriculture and Animal Sciences (Rampur), Tuki Sunkoshi (Sindupulchowk) and the Department of Agriculture (Mustang).

  • International Partners Meeting 2009 - Nepal

    The 2009 Prolinnova International Partners Workshop (IPW) will take place on 8-11 May in Pokhara, Nepal. It will allow participants to visit cases of Participatory Innovation Development (PID) in the field and to share and learn on the basis of concrete experiences of the Country Platforms (CPs). The workshop will be hosted by the Prolinnova -Nepal National Steering Committee , which has entrusted the actual hosting to the non-governmental organisation that coordinates the multi-stakeholder Prolinnova activities in Nepal, LI-BIRD (Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development) based in Pokhara. The International Secretariat of the Global Partnership Programme at ETC EcoCulture, Leusden, Netherlands , is responsible for facilitation of the IPW. The International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) in Silang, Philippines, will coordinate the documentation. These organisations within the Prolinnova International Support Team (IST) are preparing and organising the event in close collaboration with the Nepalese hosts and the other CPs.

  • Announcing two new books on farmer-first innovation

    Farmer First Revisited: Innovation for Agricultural Research and Development

    edited by Ian Scoones and John Thompson, with foreword by Robert Chambers
    published by Practical Action, London

    Agriculture is an urgent global priority and farmers find themselves in the front line of some of the world’s most pressing issues - climate change, globalization and food security. Twenty years ago, the Farmer First workshop held at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, launched a movement to encourage farmer participation in agricultural research and development (R&D), responding to farmers’ needs in complex, diverse, risk-prone environments, and promoting sustainable livelihoods and agriculture.

  • Welcome to Prolinnova - Nigeria!

    As of 1 February 2009, a new country-level initiative has become part of the Prolinnova Community of Practice: Prolinnova–Nigeria. In late October 2007, the International Secretariat in the Netherlands received an expression of interest from a group of people from different governmental and non-governmental organisations in northern Nigeria to launch such an initiative. They proposed a process of identifying further interested people and organisations, and holding a workshop to explore jointly the possibilities of setting up a network to promote local innovation in ecologically oriented agriculture and natural resource management in their country. They received some seed money from Prolinnova to cover part of the costs. The coordinating NGO, DRIVE (Development Resource Initiative), based in Kaduna, organised this meeting and asked Prolinnova-Ghana North to send a resource person to support them. The Prolinnova Working Group in northern Ghana proposed Naaminong Karbo, Director of the Animal Research Institute in Ghana and long-time member of the Northern Ghana LEISA Working Group and later of Prolinnova-Ghana North.

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