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  • IK Note 76: Promoting Local Innovation: Enhancing IK Dynamics and Links with Scientific Knowledge

    Local innovation refers to the dynamics of IK – the knowledge that grows within a social group, incorporating learning from own experience over generations but also knowledge gained from other sources and fully internalized within local ways of thinking and doing. Local innovation is the process through which individuals or groups discover or develop new and better ways of managing resources – building on and expanding the boundaries of their IK.

  • PROLINNOVA at the GFAR conference in Dakar

    At the Second Triennial Conference of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) on 22–24 May 2003 in Dakar, Senegal, Prolinnova was presented both as a poster (also now on this website) and as a PowerPoint paper by Monica Kapiriri during the session on “Rural Knowledge Systems and Innovation Processes”. Monica was formerly with Environmental Alert in Uganda and is now with the Aga Khan Foundation based in Tanzania and is the spokesperson for NGOs in the GFAR Steering Committee. Already when she was a member of the NGO Committee (NGOC) of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) in 2000–2002, she was involved in developing the concept for Prolinnova. Environmental Alert is now the NGO in Uganda that is facilitating the multi-stakeholder process of designing a Prolinnova programme in that country.

  • Other important past achievements and events

    In March 2003, IIRR, LBL (Swiss Centre for Agricultural Extension) and ETC – with funds from SDC (Swiss Development Cooperation) – compiled a CD-ROM on participatory innovation development.

    In October 2002, IIRR published Participatory Technology Development for Agricultural Improvement: Challenges for Institutional Integration, based on African, Asian and Latin American cases analysed in the Philippines workshop.

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