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  • Prolinnova featured at German Tropentag Conference, Oct 2005

    At the annual Tropentag (International Research on Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development) conference held on 11–13 October 2005 at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany, Ann Waters-Bayer from the Prolinnova International Support Team spoke about multi-stakeholder partnership building to institutionalise participatory research and development. She highlighted the benefits and constraints of NGO facilitation of such partnerships, based on comparative analysis of country-level case studies made by the Prolinnova partners. more...   (Word Document: size : 91 KB) 

  • Innovations in Rural Extension: Case Studies from Bangladesh

    CABI Publishing has recently brought out a book on "Innovations in Rural Extension: Case Studies from Bangladesh". An electronic version (PDF file) of the final chapter on "People and pro-poor innovation systems" by Paul van Mele, Ahmadd Salahuddin and Noel Magor is available in the Selected PTD Readings section of this website (under Readings and Resources) - access it here. For feedback on the selected reading, you can email Paul van Mele (

  • Prolinnova Country Platform Coordinators' Meeting in Entebbe

    The Global Partnership Programme (GPP) Prolinnova met in Entebbe, Uganda, on 5–7 June 2005. The meeting showcased a participatory approach to designing a GPP through joint planning and review of country-level activities and using this as a basis for planning inter-country activities. The agenda for the meeting included: reviewing the progress of building country-level partnerships related to participatory innovation development, learning from the challenges and best practices in facilitating multistakeholder (primarily farmer-extension-research-education) partnerships, harmonising Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) within the global programme, exploring opportunities for mutual learning with other networks and agreeing on the operational plan for 2005–06. The meeting was scheduled to coincide with the Third General Assembly of the Forum on Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) to give opportunity to Country Programme (CP) coordinators to attend the FARA pre-plenary meeting of NGOs to set up a consortium on agricultural research and development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Prolinnova featured at EFARD conference, April 2005

    Coordinators of the Prolinnova Country Programmes in South Africa and Nepal presented experiences in North–South partnerships in agricultural research for development (ARD) at the EFARD (European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development) conference held in Zurich, Switzerland on 27–30 April 2005. In the session on “Innovation through ARD partnerships”, the GFAR (Global Forum on Agricultural Research) organised a workshop on North–South research partnerships: guidelines, challenges, success stories and the way forward. The poster (PDF File; size : 438 KB) and presentations made for this session by Monique Salomon, Farmer Research Group, South Africa, and Pratap Shrestha, LI-BIRD, Nepal, are available on this website for viewing and download.

  • South African extensionists give recognition to farmer innovations

    On 12 May 2005, 70 conference delegates recognised the significance of farmers’ social and technical innovations by awarding Roberta Burgess and Tim Hart (both Core Team members of the South African Prolinnova network) the prize for best scientific paper at the 39th Annual Conference of the South African Society for Agricultural Extension, held in Bloemfontein. The paper is titled "Across the divide: the impact of farmer-to-farmer linkages in the absence of extension services", (Word Document: size : 52 KB). Approximately 20 other papers were presented at the conference.

  • First face-to-face meeting of the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG)

    The first face-to-face meeting of the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) was held in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, on 17–18 February 2005. At the international workshop held in Yirgalem, Ethiopia, in March 2004, Prolinnova partners had decided to set up the Oversight Group to ensure effectiveness of the international programme and accountability to its country-level partners, their constituencies and the donors. After a transparent procedure of nominations and voting by the Prolinnova partners, the POG was officially formed in June 2004.

  • South Africa: Small Holder's Innovative Approach to Producing and Exporting Fruits

    A new IK Note written by Tim Hart, Aubrey Billet (the small-scale apple producer who is the innovator concerned) and Roberta Burgess from the Prolinnova-South Africa programme.

    (PDF file; size :46 KB)

  • Burkina Faso Indigenous Innovation in Farmer-to-Farmer Extension

    The latest IK Note to appear on the World Bank website ( is about local innovation in farmer-to-farmer extension in Burkina Faso. It is based on documentation made by Aly Ouedraogo and Hamado Sawadogo during the earlier Indigenous Soil and Water Conservation in Africa (ISWC) programme and was edited by members of the Prolinnova International Support Team for the IK Notes.

    (PDF file; size :45 KB)

  • Participatory Video Training Workshop

    A Participatory Video Training Workshop was organised for 14 participants from Ghana (10), Nepal (1), South Africa (1) and the Netherlands (2, both part-time) from 16 November to 2 December 2004 at the Radach Memorial Centre in Tamale, Northern Ghana. The workshop, which was facilitated by the UK/France-based NGO Insight, brought together participants from the Prolinnova, Compas and CIKOD (Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development) programmes.

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