Guidelines for authors


We would appreciate if you follow the guidelines below when writing your paper:
  1. Length: 3500-5000 words, including abstract, keywords, end notes and references. Papers should not exceed 5000 words!
  2. Style: British English; simple and concise language; short words and sentences; avoid technical/academic language
  3. Structure:
  • Title

  • Authors names and institutional affiliation; with e-mail contact of the corresponding author

  • Abstract of 100-200 words describing the main focus of the paper

  • Keywords: 4-5 keywords

  • Main text with single-line spacing in Arial pt10; single space between paragraphs; left aligned

  • Headings: no more than two levels

  • No footnotes; no more than 5 endnotes

  • References: no more than 10 references, in alphabetical order according to authors; include authors/editors, year, title, publishers, place of publication; if article, include journal name, volume number, issue number, pages; if chapter in book, include also names of editors, title of book, pages in book.

  • All acronyms should be explained

  • Any local names/terms should be in italics and explained

  • Currency: if local currency is used, indicate US$ equivalent
    Tables, boxes and diagrams: number separately; give short titles; only black and white; do not use tints and shades
    Lists: do not generate lists when there are not more than three items; use only bulleted lists, unless numbers are required to show progression.