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Prolinnova-Ghana National Workshop successfully completed

Prolinnova’s present and future partners in Ghana met on 7–11 September 2003 in Koforidua, Southern Ghana, to discuss and plan for a Prolinnova multi-stakeholder programme in the country. The national workshop built on the results of three zonal workshops that were held in Tamale for the Northern Zone, Kumasi for the Middle Belt and Accra for the Southern Zone. These zonal workshops played a crucial role in the planning process in allowing more people to exchange experiences and provide suggestions for priority action areas for Prolinnova-Ghana.

Summary Report

 (January - June 2003)

In Ghana, the participatory process of planning for Prolinnova is being done in three zones within the country: the North, the Centre and the South. In each zone, an experienced NGO is responsible for facilitating the planning process: ACDEP, GOAN and ECASARD, respectively. The latter, with headquarters in Accra, is also the overall coordinator of the Prolinnova planning process in Ghana. A National Steering Committee has been formed to supervise the planning process. It brings the three above-mentioned NGOs together with representatives of the other main stakeholders: the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (for extension), CRIR (for research) and the Root and Tuber Improvement Project supported by IFAD.

National Coordinating Committee

Roles / Duties
The National Co-ordinating Committee shall be the Technical and Management Advisory body to the Ghana Prolinnova Platform and its functions shall include:

  • Working with the co-ordinating secretariat to facilitat work of the programme.
  • Setting policy guidelines for the Ghana Platform
  • Taking decisions on the Ghana Platform
  • Reviewing and advising on Prolinnova Zonal Programmes
  • Assisting the Ghana Prolinnova to raise funds for its activities.
  • Consciously advocating for the instuitution of Prolinnova into the agenda of the National Agricultural Institutions in Ghana (both private and public).
  • Any other duties referred to it by the zonal teams.

Term of Office

The Term of office of the National Co-ordinating Committee shall be for a period of three (3) years.

All incumbents except the institutions may be re-appointed for another one term, re-appointment shall be for a second term only.