As a component of Prolinnova activities, partners have chosen curriculum development and the integration of Participatory Innovation Development (PID) approaches into higher education systems as a specific area of attention. This commitment was first emphasised during the International Partners’ Workshop in Cambodia in March 2006, where the Centre for International Cooperation of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (CIS-VUA), then one of the partners in the Prolinnova International Support Team (IST), was asked to conceptualise this issue further and facilitate the development of a curriculum development component under Prolinnova. See “Integrating PID into teaching materials and curricula”.

Another component of this work related to learning in universities is the partnership between Prolinnova and the Global Development Studies programme of the University of Virginia, USA, for student internships in the PID approach.

Prolinnova partners are also working with staff of agricultural technical colleges to encourage learning about promoting local innovation and farmer-led PID.   

Prolinnova partners in Nepal have started working in one municipality of Kathmandu to develop a curriculum in local innovation for primary and secondary schools. This project is being funded with municipal funds.