Prolinnova Guidelines

Over time,  Prolinnova partners have developed a set of operational guidelines to respond to needs that have arisen within the international network. The initial drafts of these guidelines prepared with input from the partners were further refined and/or approved by the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG). These guidelines remain work-in-progress and are periodically revised to meet the changing needs of an evolving network. Volunteers have translated some (parts of) guidelines, and more will be translated as soon as possible.

Guidelines #1: Guidelines for joining Prolinnova     (PDF; 212 KB)    

Guidelines #2: Mechanisms for financial transparency (PDF; 104 KB)

Guidelines #3: Intellectual property rights in Prolinnova  (PDF; 170 KB) 

Guidelines #4: Selection criteria for participation in international meetings (PDF; 148 KB)

Guidelines #5: Code of practice for Participatory Innovation Development   (PDF; 95 KB) 

Guidelines #6: Procedures for including Country Platforms in proposals (PDF; 142 KB)

Guidelines #7: Country Platform Coordinators (PDF; 149 KB)

Guidelines #8: Minimum commitments to Prolinnova network (PDF; 162 KB)

Guidelines #9: National focal persons (PDF; 165 KB)    

Guidelines #10: Local-level multi-stakeholder platforms (PDF; 155 KB)

Guidelines #11: National Steering Committees (PDF; 159 KB)

Guidelines #12: Friends of Prolinnova (PDF; 180 KB)