SOLLINKKA: SOcial Learning LINKing Knowledge with Action

A 3-year collaboration (2013-15) is underway between Prolinnova and the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) under the title "Social Learning LINKing Knowledge with Action" (SOLLINKKA). This fits into CCAFS’ theme “Integration for decision-making”, which aims at making knowledge useful for policymakers and ensuring effective engagement of rural communities in research. In SOLLINKKA, Prolinnova partners are engaging in social learning on the ground to demonstrate the value of the Participatory Innovation Development (PID) approach in strengthening resilience of farming communities in the face of climatic and other change, e.g. through:

Consultative workshop on perception of change and identification of local innovations in Tahtay Maichew

A consultative workshop was held in Tahtay Maichew, Tigray Region of Ethiopia, to explore together with farmers and other stakeholders the local perceptions of change and to identify local innovations in response to change. The workshop was organised by Prolinnova-Ethiopia (PE), particularly by its member organisations Best Practice Association (BPA) and Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD). The full report can be found here: 

Capacity building in farmer-led joint experimentation in Tahtay Maichew, Tigray Region

Capacity building for farmers and other stakeholders who are engaging in joint experimentation was held in Tahtay Maichew District of Tigray Region.

The workshop was organised by Best Practice Association (BPA) and Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) in collaboration with other Axum Prolinnova Platform members – innovator farmers, Aksum University, District Agricultural Office, Zonal Food Security Desk, Axum Agriculture Research Center and the Prolinnova–Ethiopia (PE) Secretariat based at PANE (Poverty Alleviation Network Ethiopia). See the full report here:

Farmers’ Perceptions of Changes and their Local Innovation in Response thereto in Enebse Sar Medir, Ethiopia: Survey Report

In Enebse Sar Medir District of Amhara Region in central Ethiopia, an study was made of how smallholder farmers and their communities perceive the main changes affecting their livelihoods, including (but not only) climate change, and how they respond to these changes. The study was carried out by the Alem Berhan Self Help Community Based Development Association in Enebse Sar Medir and PANE (Poverty Action Network Ethiopia), the host of the Prolinnova-Ethiopia multistakeholder platform. It forms part of the Rockefeller Foundation-supported project “Strengthening Community Resilience to Change: Combining Local Innovative Capacity with Scientific Research” (CLIC–SR). The survey report “Farmers’ perceptions of changes and their local innovation in response thereto in Enebse Sar Medir, Ethiopia” can be found here.