PK 2013 report on CCAFS partnership


Since January 2013, Prolinnova-Kenya is working together with the CGIAR Research Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). This is the report on the activities in the first year of the collaboration.


Community perceptions of and creative response to change in Tahtai Maichew, Ethiopia

In Tahtai Maichew District of Tigray Region in northern Ethiopia, an study was made of how smallholder farmers and their communities perceive the main changes affecting their livelihoods, including (but not only) climate change, and how they try to respond and innovatively adapt to these changes. This study formed part of the work of the Prolinnova-Ethiopia multistakeholder platform in the Axum area, carried out in the Rockefeller Foundation-supported project “Strengthening Community Resilience to Change: Combining Local Innovative Capacity with Scientific Research” (CLIC–SR). The “Assessment report on community perceptions of and creative capacity to respond to change in Tahtai Maichew, Ethiopia” can be found here.

CLIC-SR Ethiopia Project Field Report of Enebse Sar Medir (ESM)

Prolinnova-Ethiopia conducted a learning workshop in Enesbe Sar Medir (ESM), Mertule-Mariam, one of the project sites where CLIC-SR project is implemented. The learning workshop involved exchanging ideas with local people on perceived changes in recent years affecting their livelihoods and local innovations in response to these changes. After conducting the learning workshop, a study team was organised and briefed to carry out the field study and come up with identified local innovations. This report gives the highlights on the overall progress of the learning workshop and the way forward.

Influencing policy toward farmer-led innovation approaches

Within the framework of the CLIC-SR project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the four Country Platforms involved - in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda - examined their past experiences in trying to influence policy to become more favourable towards farmer-led research and innovation approaches. They drew lessons which should guide them in their policy-dialogue activities in efforts to create a more enabling environment for approaches that link local and scientific knowledge and innovation and thus strengthen the resilience of smallholder farmers to change - including climate change. The synthesised Working Document that came out of this review can be found here.

CLIC-SR 2013 coordination & co-learning meeting

The Prolinnova Country Platforms (CPs) in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda held a one-day regional project meeting for coordination of and co-learning from CLIC–SR (Combining Local innovation Capacities with Scientific Research) funded by Rockefeller Foundation, USA. Makonge Righa (World Neighbors, Prolinnova–Kenya), Marise Espineli (International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, IIRR) and Wim Hiemstra & Ann Waters-Bayer from ETC Foundation / Prolinnova International Secretariat organised the meeting.

The four main topics covered were:

1) Field studies on local perceptions of and responses to change: methods, process experienced, challenges, opportunities identified, main lessons