West & Central Africa Subregional Platform

In its 2016–20 strategy, the Prolinnova network decided to create regional and subregional platforms of country-level multistakeholder networks (“Country Platforms”). The West & Central Africa Subregional Platform includes the Country Platforms in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali and Senegal and is open to other Prolinnova Country Platforms that may become active again, such as in Niger and Nigeria, and to emerging Prolinnova groups in other countries in West & Central Africa.

The platform seeks to facilitate country-to-country learning and joint efforts in policy dialogue at subregional level to promote local innovation by small-scale family farmers and, above all, multistakeholder interaction in farmer-led joint research and development building on local initiatives and innovations.

The taskforce for setting up the subregional platform in West & Central Africa, including defining and creating entities to coordinate and govern the platform, is composed as follows:

Prolinnova WCA coordinator makes media coverage of CFS44

On invitation by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), the Prolinnova Sub-Regional Coordinator for West and Central Africa (Georges Djohy) attended on 5–8 October 2017 a training session on designing and implementing communication strategies based on social media. Just after the training, he was integrated into the GFAR social reporter team for media coverage of the 44th session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS44) held in Rome, Italy, on 9–13 October 2017. Georges had the opportunity to apply his new knowledge by sharing diverse information related to CFS44 on Facebook and Twitter, and by publishing five interesting blogs in which he referred to the actions and achievements of Prolinnova. These publications are available on Facebook (Prolinnova WCA & WCA Prolinnova) and Twitter (@Prolinnova_WCA) pages of the West and Central Africa Prolinnova Platform (PPAOC/WeCAPP) and on the GFAR and CFS websites:

New Subregional Coordinator in West & Central Africa! / Nouveau coordinateur sous-régional en Afrique occidentale et centrale !

Abdel-Karim Ali Mahamane is the new Prolinnova Subregional Coordinator (SRC) for West & Central Africa as of 1 April 2020. His position is paid out of two projects funded through Misereor/KZE (Catholic Central Agency for Development Aid) in Germany: SULCI-FaNS (Scaling Up Local Capacity to Innovate in Food and Nutrition Security) and Proli-GEAFaSa (Promoting local innovation in water management in family farming in the Sahel) He will be coordinating the subregional activities of the Country Platforms (CPs) in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali and Senegal – and possibly of future CPs that form themselves. He is successor to Georges Djohy, who has been SRC since May 2017 and has taken on a new position in research.

Summary of activities in Burkina Faso, Cameroon & Mali in 2018

The Subregional Coordinator for West & Central Africa, Georges Djohy, has made a summary of the annual reports of three of the Country Platforms (CPs) in the subregion: Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Mali. The summary highlights the key activities implemented by the CPs, the challenges they dealt with, and their perspectives with respect to promoting local innovation and farmer-led participatory research and development in their respective countries. It also includes their self-assessment of CP functioning. The report can be found here.

West & Central Africa coordinator’s contribution to Proli-FaNS Year 2

In the 2nd year of implementing the “Promoting local innovation for Food and Nutrition Security” (Proli-FaNS) project (August 2017 - July 2018), the Prolinnova Platform for West & Central Africa (WCA) played its part in seeking to achieve the overall objectives of the project. In this report in French and English, the Subregional Coordinator (SRC) for WCA recalls the SRC’s main tasks and responsibilities and describes his achievements in Year 2 in terms of policy dialogue and networking, documentation, M&E, South–South backstopping and fundraising; lessons learned; and challenges and perspectives for Year 3.

West & Central Africa 2017 report

The activities of the Prolinnova Country Platforms in West & Central Africa in the year 2017 have been summarised by the subregional coordinator Georges Djohy in the 10-page report below in English (WeCAPP: West & Central Africa Prolinnova Platform) and French (PPOAC: Plateforme Prolinnova d'Afrique Occidentale et Centrale):

Devenir, être et demeurer membre de Prolinnova : lignes directrices

Au fil du temps, les partenaires de Prolinnova ont développé un ensemble de lignes directrices opérationnelles pour répondre aux besoins apparus au sein du réseau international. Elles ont été préparées avec l’aide des partenaires et affinées et/ou approuvées par le Groupe de Supervision de Prolinnova (POG). Elles aideront les groupes et acteurs de référence (points focaux) dans les pays qui n’ont pas encore de Plateformes Pays (PPs) de Prolinnova à prendre connaissance des conditions requises et de se préparer pour devenir membres du réseau. Les PPs existantes y trouveront aussi toutes les ressources nécessaires pour se conformer aux exigences du réseau, pour être actives ou redevenir actives ; et demeurer dans le réseau pour son développement et son rayonnement à l’échelle nationale, sous-régionale, régionale et internationale.

West & Central Africa 2016 report

by Georges Djohy, Prolinnova Subregional Coordinator for West & Central Africa

New Prolinnova Subregional Coordinators in Africa

From the over 150 candidates that applied to be Subregional Coordinator (SRC) of Prolinnova activities in Africa, the two personsselected by the Country Platforms in the respective subregions and the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) were Amanuel Assefa forthe Eastern & Southern Africa subregion and Georges Djohy for the West & Central Africa subregion.

ESA coordinator: Amanuel Assefa, Ethiopia                   WCA coordinator: Georges Djohy, Benin     

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