About the Senegal Country Platform

In Senegal, the entry themes of the PROFEIS (Promoting Farmer Experimentation and Innovation in the Sahel) initiative differ according to region: (1) Kaolack and Fatick Regions: Conservation and regeneration of natural resources (soil and water) in millet- and peanut-dominated farming systems; (2) Thiès and Diourbel Regions: Enhancing the value of indigenous woody species in the agroforestry systems of the peanut basin.

Soil fertility is a cross-cutting theme, because it an essential condition for the success of innovation on conservation and regeneration of natural resources and for the value of indigenous woody species.

PROFEIS-Senegal's update for 2016

The full PROFEIS-Senegal report for 2016 is in French.

As a brief English summary, the main activities reported are:

Guide d’organisation d’événements en agriculture biologique / Guide for organising agroecology events

En décembre 2016, AGRECOL Afrique organisait sa quatrième édition des journées de promotion de l’agriculture biologique. Cet événement, financé par l’ONG Broederlijk Delen, visait à sensibiliser les agents du développement et la population à l’importance de préserver les semences paysannes pour une agriculture durable.

L’événement a été une réussite, mais l’équipe organisatrice a dû faire face à plusieurs contraintes. Parmi celles-ci : l’absence de document de référence pour l’organisation des événements promotionnels à AGRECOL Afrique. C’est à partir de ce constat qu’est née l’idée de rédiger ce guide d’organisation d’événements en agriculture biologique.

PROFEIS-Senegal presented at roundtable on smallholder-centred research

Agrecol-Afrique was invited by REPAOC, a network of NGOs in West and Central Africa with base in Senegal, to present the work of PROFEIS-Senegal at a roundtable on the role of smallholder farmers in agricultural innovation. This was a policy-influencing event held on 1 August 2013 in Dakar in the framework of the EU-funded project INSARD (Including Smallholders in Agricultural Research for Development). Djibril Thiam explained the aims, structure and approach of PROFEIS-Senegal and presented an example of farmer innovation in the face of climate change: growing mango seedlings in Piliostigma shrubs to protect the seedlings from drying out and thus improving their survival rate. The PPT can be found here.  

Rapport Atelier sur DPI PROFEIS-CCAFS mai 2013

As part of the collaboration between CCAFS and Prolinnova, Agrecol-Afrique - the NGO that coordinates the Country Platform in Senegal - organised a workshop in May 2013 on Participatory Innovation Development (PID) with a focus on farmer-led joint experimentation. This was held in Kaolack and gave government and NGO staff in the region of Kaffrine (a CCAFS research area) an introduction to the concept and process of PID.
PDF file; size: 2.22 MB

Djibril Thiam's blog on WAIA in Kenya

Djibril Thiam, coordinator of PROFEIS-Senegal, joined the Week on Agricultural Innovation in Africa (WAIA) in Nairobi, Kenya, in the last week of May 2013. His impressions (in French) of the series of events, including the Eastern African Farmer Innovation Fair (EAFIF), can be found in the wikispace:

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