PID & CCA training-of trainers in Kenya

Report on workshop to build the capacity of resource persons involved in CLIC-SR in participatory innovation development (PID) and climate-change adaptation (CCA), 16–18 Oct 2012, Nairobi, Kenya

The Prolinnova–Kenya training workshop on PID & CCA aimed to strengthen capacity to support farmer-led joint innovation building on local creativity, in order to reinforce community resilience to change, including climate change. The CLIC-SR activities are being implemented in two counties: Baringo and Machakos. The 3-day training targeted the national project taskforce as well as community members, local government departments and CSOs in these counties. Three key points were covered: CCA, PID and Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction.
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Prolinnova-Kenya hosted Eastern Africa Farmer Innovation Fair!

In May 2013 Prolinnova-Kenya hosted the Eastern Africa Farmer Innovation Fair in Nairobi, where farmers from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda showcased their innovations. Numerous documents (blogs, photos, videos, reports etc) can be found here.

Experiences with farmer-managed innovation funds in Kenya

The report Farmer Access to Innovation Resources: experiences with piloting Local Innovation Support Funds in Kenya describes and assesses the structure, functioning, process and results of LISFs in four pilot sites in Eastern and Western Kenya. The report includes the main findings of a participatory impact assessment and draws lessons for improving and scaling up this grassroots-innovation funding mechanism in other parts of the country. This document is a product of joint learning within the Prolinnova-Kenya multi-stakeholder platform about ways of changing the balance of power in decision-making about decentralised agricultural research and development.

FAIR in Kenya: County workshops for local fund management committees

In April–May 2012, Prolinnova–Kenya facilitated two 3-day workshops for the Local Steering Committees of the Local Innovation Support Funds (LISFs) in Eastern Region and Western Region. The workshops allowed the sharing of lessons from other Prolinnova Country Platforms piloting LISFs, discussion of challenges faced in piloting LISFs in Kenya and participatory assessment of how the LISFs were used and managed. The Local Steering Committees then discussed strategies for sustaining LISFs in their counties in the future and how to going about realising this. See the combined report here.


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19–20 May 2011, Nairob,i Kenya
Compiled by: Violet O. Kirigua, Teresiah W. Ng’ang’a, Geoffrey M. Kamau and Antony M. Kilewe

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