2004 Mid-year Report

Ethiopia Country Platform

Organisation of ProlinnovaInternational Workshop

The Steering Committee of PROFIEET (Promoting Local Innovation and Experimentation in Ethiopia) and the ProlinnovaInternational Support Team organised the first international workshop and launching of Prolinnovain Yirgalem, Southern Ethiopia, in the second week of March. Agri-Service Ethiopia (ASE), the secretariat of the PROFIEET platform, handled all local arrangements, including visits to farmer innovators, and presented a case study on multi-stakeholder partnership to promote farmer innovation.

National Steering Committee (NSC)

Summary Report on PROFIEET

January–June 2003

In Ethiopia, Prolinnova builds on existing initiatives by NGOs, universities and the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organisation (EARO) to learn and exchange experiences of participatory approaches to agricultural R&D, known as PROFIEET (PROmoting Farmer Innovation and Experimentation in EThiopia).

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