About the Ethiopia Country Platform

Prolinnova–Ethiopia is a national platform to create space and provide a conducive environment for recognising and enriching local innovation processes in agriculture and natural resource management (NRM).

It aims to scale up and integrate Participatory Innovation Development (PID) approaches in governmental and non-governmental organisations concerned with agricultural and NRM research, extension, education and training. Its overall objective is to contribute to enhancing food security, safeguarding the environment and improving rural and urban livelihoods based on sustainable use of natural resources.

Year 2 of Proli-FaNS in Ethiopia

Prolinnova-Ethiopia (PE) is one of the five Country Platforms (CPs) that is involved in on-the-ground activities in Promoting local innovation in Food and Nutrition Security (Proli-FaNS). The CP coordinator Ms Beza Kifle reports here on the PE activities and achievements in Year 2 of this project.

Quarterly Proli-FaNS report by new coordinator in Ethiopia

The new coordinator of Prolinnova-Ethiopia, Ms Beza Kifle, started work in May 2018. Her first report on the activities of the Country Platform in the Proli-FaNS (Promoting local innovation in Food and Nutrition Security) project for the period May-July 2018 can be found here.

Compilation of PID Cases

A total of eight cases of farmer-led joint experimentation in agriculture or NRM – two from each of the four Country Platforms involved – were brought together in the publication

CLIC-SR completion workshop in Ethiopia

After having completed the CLIC–SR (Combining Local Innovative Capacity with Scientific Research) project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Prolinnova–Ethiopia organised a national stakeholders meeting. The objectives were to present and discuss the outcomes of the project, to assess the contribution of small-scale farmer innovation to agricultural research and development in Ethiopia, and to define the way forward for the Prolinnova–Ethiopia network.

A report on the workshop can be found here.

Report on Prolinnova–Ethiopia activities in 2014–15

A 16-page report summarising the main activities of Prolinnova–Ethiopia in the years 2014 and 2015, focused primarily on the work under the CLIC–SR (Combining Local Innovative Capacity with Scientific Research) project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in Tigray and Amhara Regions.

Mainstreaming PID in policy & practice: national dialogue in Ethiopia

In April 2015, Prolinnova–Ethiopia (PE) held a national workshop in Addis Ababa to share the results of the CLIC–SR project with relevant organisations that could have the capacity and interest to take some of the ideas forward. Presentations by farmer innovators from the two CLIC-SR project areas played a great role in influencing other participants who were not used to seeing farmers speaking in such a high-level meeting.

Prolinnova–Ethiopia policy brief on local innovation in agriculture

Within the framework of the project “Strengthening Community Resilience to Change: Combining Local Innovative Capacity with Scientific Research” (CLIC–SR) funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Prolinnova–Ethiopia (PE) has published a policy brief entitled “Creating a space for local innovation in agriculture”.

Prolinnova-Ethiopia’s 10-year pathway to multi-stakeholder partnership

The initial coordinator of Prolinnova-Ethiopia, Amanuel Assefa, takes a look back at the first ten years of the network in that country. In the paper “A pathway to a lasting partnership: Prolinnova–Ethiopia’s decade of experience with innovative farmers”, prepared as part of the Prolinnova international network's efforts to take stock of achievements and lessons over the last decade, Amanuel focuses on the case of the country-level network in Ethiopia.

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