Farmer Innovation Fair in Bolivia

The National Meeting of Farmer Innovators was held on 4 December 2015 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. A total of 45 innovations were selected for exhibit. The fair was attended by 51 innovators and included 38 stands from six departments: Santa Cruz, La Paz, Oruro, Potosi, Cochabamba and Chuquisaca.

Regional Platform Profile

Prolinnova–Andes was a regional initiative started by Vecinos Mundiales (World Neighbors), IIRR and Agrecol-Andes. Most of the activity has been in Bolivia. The multistakeholder platform sought to build partnerships in the Andean region (Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru) in order to join efforts and share experiences in such similar geographical, environmental, social, historical and economical conditions.

Prolinnova-Bolivia report 2016

The network in Bolivia produced a short report on their activities in 2016 in Spanish and English, drawing attention especially to two videos on the Farmer Innovation Fair in 2016:

Understanding PID: Prolinnova Bolivian Platform

On 28-29 August 2014, a PID (Participatory Innovation Development) workshop took place in Cochabamba, Bolivia. This event was attended by 10 participants from institutions (Agrecol-Andes, Prosuco, Prodii, Vecinos Mundiales) and independent professionals who form part of the Prolinnova-Bolivia platform.

The event was a chance to understand the PID strategies that are used internationally and it was an opportunity for members of Prolinnova-Bolivia to share methodologies to promote local innovation processes.

Action-Learning on Food Sovereignty and Nutrition in Communities of Northern Potosí

Authors: Maria C. Omonte Ferrufino, Fernando Vidal Gonzalez and Yesmina Cruz Agudo

Cochabamba, Bolivia, October 2014


Local innovation in the development of smallholder agriculture: a literature review and case study in the Department of Cochabamba, Bolivia

Markus Frank, BSc thesis
University of Kassel / German Institute for Tropical & Subtropical Agriculture

Witzenhausen, Germany. 2012
(PDF file; size : 1.8 MB)

The first part reviews literature on different approaches to understanding and supporting local innovation, and situates local innovation processes and concepts in the context of agricultural innovation models. The case study in the second part explores the application of methods to identify and document local innovation. It gives insight into farmers' perceptions of the participatory documentation process. It shows how farmer innovators perceive the innovation process and explores the interrelations of the actors involved.

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