2004 Mid-year Report

Communication and information

Information brochures on Prolinnova have been prepared in Khmer (local language) and in English. The information brochures are widely distributed to NGO partners and other stakeholders.

Inventory of local innovation

A total of 110 innovations/good practices are already compiled through an inventory of farmer innovation carried out by reviewing existing publications.

National review

Bilateral and multi-lateral meetings on Prolinnova were organised with representatives from NGOs, educational institutions, government departments and research institutions. As a result, representatives from 12 institutions are already invited for a meeting to plan the national workshop scheduled for December 2004.

Introduction workshop

CEDAC organised a one-day introduction workshop on “Local Innovation” on 29th May 2004 in Phnom Penh, with the participation of 93 people (37 women). Forty of them were farmers and members from 16 agencies were involved. During the workshop, 18 farmers presented 18 local innovations. At the end of the workshop, all participants gave scores to the innovations presented. There were small prizes for those innovators who received the highest scores.

Platform workshops

Support was given to ILFARM-Tramkok (Improving Livelihood of Small Farmers in Tramkok, a project of CEDAC) to organise two workshops on Prolinnova with the participation of 144 (17 female) farmers and representatives of local authorities. The objective of the workshop was to get people to pay more attention to local innovation processes and to take action to further develop local innovations.

PID training of facilitators

Two persons, one from the secretariat office (CEDAC) and another from the Royal University of Agriculture, participated in a two-week training of facilitators in Participatory Innovation Development held at IIRR in the Philippines.