About the Burkina Faso Country Platform

The PROFEIS programme is not yet officially implemented in Burkina Faso, but fundraising is taking place at national, regional and international levels. In the meantime, with the methodological and technical support of the Prolinnova International Support Team, Réseau MARP and World Neighbors and several other participatory-minded institutions and organisations in Burkina Faso are developing partnership around the approach of local innovation/farmer-led participatory innovation development (PID).

During the introductory workshop held in Ouahigouya in September 2007, the Burkina Faso participants identified the following as the top six "entry themes":

  • Land reclamation
  • Agro-sylvo-pastoral integration
  • Production systems
  • Land systems
  • Poultry rearing as income-generating activity
  • Reconstitution of biodiversity.

Réseau MARP and its partners developed a workplan with the following key activities, which are being carried out primarily with own funding:

  • Continued partnership building
  • Identification and characterisation of innovators and innovations
  • Networking farmer innovators
  • Exchange visits
  • Facilitating farmer-led documentation.

Since 2016, we are one of five Prolinnova Country Platforms involved in the Proli-FaNS (Promoting Local Innovation in Food and Nutrition Security) project with funding from Misereor/Katholische Zentralstelle e.V. (Catholic Central Agency for Development Aid – KZE, Germany) through a grant from the “One World No Hunger” (SEWOH) initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

National Steering Committee (as of July 2017)

1. Boureima Ouedraogo, Farmer Network of Zondoma Province

2. Christophe Konkobo, Association Kombi Nam de Gomponsom pour le Sahel (AKNGS)

3. Djibrilou Koura, Diobass

4. (Ms) Francine Sawadogo, farmer innovator

5. (Ms) Martine Sawadogo, Bioprotect Economic Interest Group

6. Mathieu Ouedraogo, Réseau MARP - NSC Chair

7. Oumarou Traore, Voisins Mondiaux / World Neighbors

Ex-officio member: Do Christophe Ouattara, Voisins Mondiaux / World Neighbors, CP coordinator


National Coordination Team

1. Drassane Zidouemba, Diobass

2. Julien Ouedraogo, Réseau MARP

3. Siaka Bangali, Diobass

4. Tasséré Ouedraogo, Réseau MARP