Prolinnova-SA 2011 summary report

Summary report on activities undertaken during 2011 by Prolinnova partners

Learning in innovation systems in South Africa

In South Africa (SA), the Prolinnova network is linked with the EU-funded JOLISAA (Joint Learning in Innovation Systems in African Agriculture) project through Brigid Letty, Institute of Natural Resources, coordinator of Prolinnova–SA and member of the JOLISAA–SA team. At a JOLISAA-SA workshop in late January 2012, extension agents and researchers involved in three cases of innovation

Assessing the impact of grassroots innovation in agriculture

by Brigid Letty, Zanele Shezi & Maxwell Mudhara, Prolinnova-SA; presented at GLOBELICS International Conference, 15-17 Nov 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina (GLOBELICS:  Global Network for Economics of Learning, Innovation & Competence Building Systems)
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Farmer-Led Documentation: Learning from Prolinnova Experiences

eds: Laurens van Veldhuizen, Ann Waters-Bayer, Chesha Wettasinha & Wim Hiemstra

Chapter 6: Stimulating farmers to do their own photo documentation in South Africa  by Zanele Shezi, Michael Malinga, Maxwell Mudhara & Brigid Letty