Starting up in Nigeria

A meeting of stakeholders in Agricultural Research and Development (ARD) was organised by Development Resource Initiative (DRIVE) on 20 August 2008 to facilitate the establishment of Prolinnova in Nigeria. The meeting was attended by 26 stakeholders drawn from farmers’ groups, NGOs, National Research Institutes, National Extension Systems, Colleges of Agriculture, Association of Agricultural Input Suppliers and International Development Agencies. The specific objectives of the meeting were to raise awareness of Prolinnova among stakeholders in ARD, to discuss and agree on a management structure for the programme and to shape the implementation of the programme in Nigeria. Naaminong Karbo from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Animal Research Institute and member of Prolinnova-Ghana provided technical input with respect to facilitation and experience sharing.

Following the presentation of information on Prolinnova, participants were of the opinion that the programme was quite relevant to the situation in the ARD sector in Nigeria. They highlighted the opportunities and the challenges to be addressed for successfully establishing the programme in the country. The resource person shared the experiences from Prolinnova–Ghana regarding the history of the programme, identification of issues for joint experimentation by farmers and researchers, challenges in programme management, lessons learned from programme implementation and the way forward. Of particular importance to the Nigerian situation was the challenge posed by coordination of Prolinnova- Ghana when it had a national spread and how the problem was addressed by adopting a regional approach to programme coordination.

As regards the management structure for Prolinnova-Nigeria, it was agreed that a platform comprising of participants at the workshop should be constituted, while a certain number of individuals would be selected – based on commitment and availability – to serve as members of the national steering committee. Participants also discussed the development of a programme for the inception phase of Prolinnova-Nigeria and concluded that members should be selected to finetune the ideas generated by the larger group on the issue. Detailed information about the proceedings can be found in the report (MS Word file; size : 374 KB).

Special thanks to the Prolinnova International Secretariat at ETC Foundation Netherlands for funding and Prolinnova-Ghana for technical support. For more information, contact Yemi Adeleye (